Welcome to Hayden-P.Com your ultimate source for the extremely talented Hayden Panettiere. You may know her from such films as Bring It On: All Or Nothing, Scream 4, and I Love You, Beth Cooper. Hayden has also starred in various television shows, such as Heroes and currently Nashville where she plays troubled country singer Juliette Barnes. Here at Hayden Panettiere Daily our goal is to provide you the latest on all news, photos, and much more all while being gossip free. Enjoy your stay and check back with us soon.

I want to apologize about the lack of updates! I haven’t neglected the site! My computer’s hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and I have yet to get a call from the shop where my computer is being looked over, apparently he’s still looking it over trying to see if he can save anything off of the hard drive and working on getting me the best deal to fix it. As soon as I get my computer back up and running updates will resume.

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